How to know the State of Your health through your tongue

How to know the State of Your health through your tongue

How to know the State of Your health through your tongue

Our tongue is vital for both chewing, swallowing of food and speech. We have all explored the world with our tongues in several ways including licking, tasting, kissing and eating of exotic foods.

Our tongue isn’t just a body part to be taken for granted. It plays a delicate role in our ability to taste, chew and swallow food. A dentist can tell us the state of our oral and overall health by looking at our tongue. You don’t believe it? Ok, let’s get right to it. Say Ahhhhh……………

How to know the State of Your health through your tongue

White Coated Tongue

This is as a result of an overgrowth or swelling on the surface of your tongue. The appearance of a white coating is caused by debris, bacteria and dead cells getting lodged between the enlarged and sometimes inflamed papillae. Of course, it could just be whitish from not brushing your tongue every time you brush your teeth. All you need to do is brush your tongue to remove the white coating. If it does not go, please contact a dentist for a proper checkup.

White Patches on your tongue

Alson known as Leukoplakia,  is a condition in which one or more white patches or spots (lesions) forms inside the mouth. This could eventually develop into cancer. This happens when the tongue gets irritated through smoking or tobacco use. Should you see these patches, please book an appointment with a dentist to get rule out cancer and begin proper treatment.

Reddish Tongue (Overly red tongue)

While many might mistaken this for a Kawasaki disease, this symptom is commonly caused by a vitamin deficiency such as folic acid or a B-12. Start treatment with vitamin intake in your daily morning smoothie/meal. Should the symptoms persist, please visit a dentist for proper treatment.

Red Bumpy Patches on the Tongue

This is commonly referred to as the Geographic tongue. It looks smooth with red spots of an irregular shape. The spots can change size, shape, and location. This could be a sign of high fever. Check and treat yourself of high fever.



Your dentist is the first line of defense against both serious and benign health concerns. So, stick out your tongue at the dentist and be ready for a comprehensive oral checkup. You never know what your tongue might be telling you about your health!

Worried about your tongue or just need to schedule a dental check-up? Find a dentist in Arizona, Colorado or New Mexico using our interactive find a dentist feature on our website. We look forward to seeing you and seeing what that tongue of yours is telling us about your health.

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